NOTHING MORE – New Studio Album “Carnal” Out On 28th June 2024 via Better Noise Music.

    Album review by Hexi Laing

    Recommended for fans of: Motionless In White, Fall Out Boy, Falling In Reverse


    Back with a brand new album, the Texan band Nothing More have returned to the scene once again to delight fans old and new with their latest release, a 15 track album featuring the biggest and best of their alternative rock and progressive metal sounds. This band is certainly no stranger to the alternative music scene, forming in 2003 with a series of independent tracks before their eventual collaboration with Eleven Seven Music in 2014 with their launch of their eponymous album ‘Nothing More’. Since then the band has continued to grow and nourish their fan base, continuing to produce studio albums in-between touring with bands such as Godsmack and Set It Off, as well as festivals like Aftershock and Louder Than Life; bringing us to their latest release with their latest 15 track album, Carnal.

    This album is certainly a testament to the band’s talent and mastery of alternative rock and metal music. Nothing More have never shied away from giving their audience a hardcore electronic style mixed in with powerful vocals and drum and bass found in classic rock and roll, and Carnal’s tracks are no exception to this. Each track contains the classic sounds and symphonies that fans have come to know and love from the band, with a new addition of narration mixed into the tracks to support and emphasise the power and emotional weight of the lyrics.

    While all of the tracks are exceptional and would easily please any long time fan of both the band and the musical genre as a whole, my personal favourites have easily been ‘House On Sand’, ‘If It Doesn’t Hurt’, ‘Angel Song’ and ‘Stuck’. The vocals in ‘House On Sand’ and ‘If It Doesn’t Hurt At All’ are utterly incredible and mesh wonderfully against the fiery instrumentals, something that particularly shines through with the collaboration with Eric V from I Prevail.

    ‘Angel Song’ with Disturbed vocalist David Draiman (see video below), is equally impressive in this regard, but instead allows the rhythm to chop and change between the verses and chorus, which allows further emphasis to the lyrical topic and provides a pleasant shift that projects your mind from the crowds of a concert arena to a street riot led by the masses. ‘Stuck’, I confess, is something of a guilty pleasure of mine to enjoy, as I have always and will always lean in favour of any song that opens with guttural screams and is able to maintain them throughout the song in a way that conjures up images of concerts past. It is still an incredible song regardless of my preference, but I can’t pretend that my inner rock and metalhead is not pleased when I hear those familiar sounds.

    This may not be their first album, but it definitely has the potential to be one of their best, and I hope that it gets the respect and attention that the band themselves have more than proved they deserve. For a band that is called Nothing More, I certainly hope that their is much more to come.

    Carnal Tracklist:

      1. Carnal
      2. House On Sand (ft Eric V. from I Prevail)
      3. If It Doesn’t Hurt
      4. Angel Song featuring David Draiman
      5. Freefall
      6. Blame It On The Drugs
      7. Head
      8. Existential Dread
      9. Heart
      10. Down The River
      11. Give It Time
      12. Sight
      13. Stuck (ft Sinizter)
      14. Run For Your Life
      15. Sound

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