CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP | Album Review ‘Sentiments’ Out 27th May 2022 via AFM Records.

    Review By Heather Laing.

    Ready the fleet and man the mosh pits, because CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP have come sailing back into the alternative seas with a brand new album that will blow you away.

    The conductors of Electronicore are back once again, with their new explosive track’s that make up their latest album ‘Sentiments.’ After two EP’s and one previous album gaining raving reviews and a literal sea of adoring fans, there is certainly no doubt that CABIN BOY know their talent.  Every previous track has a plethora of treasures awaiting, as heavy metal shakes hands with the beats and rhythm of electro’s best; allowing raver and mosher to join forces on the dance floor and ride the wave of every high that CABIN BOY can and will provide them.

    However, it seems this time around those waves were simply not enough. Instead have brought a tsunami. With four of the newest tracks being released early for the fans pleasure, it’s clear to all the band are certainly confident of their second album, and I can safely say they have every right to be, as each is song is truly sensational. The aforementioned early releases: Golden, Ghosts, Demons, and Survivor offer just the right amount of Sentiments to have their fans raving; with Survivor, Golden and Demons containing the classic heavy metal blend of thundering drum and bass and raw aggressive vocals, all set to a fast and thrilling tempo. Ghosts is equally impressive, but instead provides a softer rhythm with smooth vocal verses backed up with a fiery electric guitar that provides just the right amount of electro to the mix.

    The remaining tracks of the album all continue to provide these fantastic attributes in their own unique way. Sentiments itself is a purely electro based introduction, using a blend of tuned static vibrations and a low toned backing vocal that provides an excellent Segway into Demons. Tracks like War, Deluded and Suffering are particularly excellent in their use of electro alongside an explosive drum and guitar melody, with Deluded even following the style of rap within the verses before switching back to traditional metal screams. Songs Suffering and Low even takes the Electronicore blend one step further by implementing distortion to the vocals and screams to give an even more electric feel.  On the other hand, tracks like Cure provide perhaps the softest song of the album, utilising an entirely smooth lyrics and a slightly distorted but gentle piano melody throughout alongside strong but simplistic drum and guitar combinations that only become more freestyled during the chorus and brief solos between verses.

    Whether you’ve come searching for tracks with enough metal rawness to shake the very ground you stand on or to be shocked awake by electro’s energy, CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP is ready and waiting for you all.  Just like their previous works, this new album and this band deserve all of your attention and more; whether you’re already a fan returning for more, or you’re a metal/electro fan looking for something new and a little bit different. This band has truly churned up the sea of dance floors and mosh pits; and I for one intent to live up to their namesake and jump in.

    Recommended for fans of: Architects, Eskimo Callboy, The Devil Wears Prada

    01. Sentiments
    02. Demons
    03. War
    04. Golden
    05. Ghosts
    06. Deluded
    07. Suffering
    08. Cure
    09. Low
    10. Survivor
    11. Smile

    Sentiments was recorded and mastered at the Innersound Studios,York, England together with the Graves brothers Sam and Joe (Asking Alexandria, Glamour of the Kill, InVisions).  Available as gatefold coloured vinyl, limited box set and digipak on May 27, 2022, the album pre-sale is available HERE.

    Cabin Boy Jumped Ship are:
    Conor Peek (Vocals)
    Jayke Davenport (Bass)
    Reece Miller (Drums, Vocals)
    Abel Aguado (Guitar)

    Cabin Boy Jumped Ship Online:

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