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    I was happy to see an all-day event of what seemed to be a killer lineup and get to know a new Brewery, and I wish iRock congrats on 10 years. I also wanted to attend this show at the beginning to see a new venue, experience the energy of a different music scene, and catch up with a little band I once booked way back before they were known to the rest of the world quite so much. Indeed, one of the night’s highlights was seeing Eva Under Fire get the attention they have worked so hard for and deserve. There was more, so much more.

    Until this show, I hadn’t ventured out of the Hampton Roads area to go to the “smaller” places. At the same time, I am fully aware that every scene is different. I wish that a few I know of were a little like what I found in Mechanicsburg, Md.

    First, let’s get to why we are here, who brought us here, and who we will have seduced: our ears, hearts, souls, eyes, and minds for the night.

    The online radio station based out of Harrisburg “plays Real Rock for all generations playing the NEWEST Rock from today through the genres of 2K, 90’s, and occasional flashbacks to the Hair Bands of the 80’s & Killer Classics.” The part that got my attention is that they also play unsigned and independent artists on regular rotation. The other hosts regularly sponsor shows by 717 Entertainment. I love a company that doesn’t just think about its bottom line but also understands how the industry should work for the small bands that all the greats once were. So please, go check them out.

    The bands for the event were an incredible mix of local, not-so-local, unknowns, and some who are a little further on their journey, and a lot more have heard of them. Ironically, though, to listen to the music throughout the day, you would wonder if they had pulled the entire lineup right off a music festival or off a tour.

    On the patio, the acoustic lineup consisted of Nick Tauer Band – from Pottsville, PA, self-described as High Energy Coal Dirt Country.

    Pine Creek Academy from Allentown, PA, this band with a Punk-Alt Rock vibe just recently released their sophomore EP “Flying Saucers.”

    Lives Lost from Hershey, PA, is the band you want if you are looking for that music that hits your heart and soul and you can relate to from many aspects of your life.

    Sick Century from York, PA. Be sure to check out their album Outer Worlds and keep your eyes and ears ready for their follow-up album, Inner Demons, due sometime this year.

    Defiant from Harrisonburg, PA, known for choosing their name because it describes their view of rules, restrictions, and control mainly in the music scene. Drew the most significant part of the patio crowd throughout the day, which, from what I’ve heard, is a following built out of love for their high-energy mix of alt\/punk/classic rock and heavy metal that has gotten them on bills with From Ashes to New, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, Tantric and many more.

    Closing the night on the patio was Madame Mayem, whose music resume includes who she’s worked with on songs, toured with and played in places, which is a novel of the best of the best.


    All these musicians were a perfect blend of musical styles that seamlessly went together but still stood out and grabbed your attention in their distinct ways.

    The show on both the patio and main stage was almost perfectly timed to where you missed nothing during this event, a true testament to the experience, hard work, and experience of everyone involved in putting on this event.

    The main stage lineup consisted of Carbonstone from Baltimore, MD, an industrial alternative metal band, opened the main stage with an energy that demanded your attention and announced that this would indeed be a night to remember. Corey James (lead singer) has just as much vocal talent as he does, energy, and stage presence.

    Next up was Lyndhurst from York, PA. Falling under the pop-punk/emo genre made me wonder why I resisted that music trend. The energy and music were so incredible, I must confess that I have listened to them since the show.

    Dinosaurs In Paris from Shippensburg, PA, took the stage next with a special appearance by Ed Allison of Lyndhurst. The combination of the two vocalists and the fact that it became a musician-family affair during their set spoke to the atmosphere of the whole night.

    Observe the 93rd, the hometown band of the night was next up. They are the Best Alternative Rock Band winners and Best Male Vocalist at the Central Pennsylvania Music Awards. They have played with a plethora of heavy hitters through the years. Seether, Flyleaf, Lacey Strum P.O.D, and Stone Temple Pilots, to name a few.

    Keeping the energy up and the party going next was Another Day Dawn. While they have a somewhat smaller following than many others, they have opened for Five Finger Death Punch, Daughtry, and Godsmack, to name a few. And they have a bright future ahead of them for sure.

    The fact that they proceeded with the last two acts is a testament to the commitment to the big and small bands that rock has. As I watched throughout the night, I saw the effects of this throughout the crowd, in the interactions between the musicians. One band took over another’s merch table while they played, musicians from other bands standing side stage rocking out like they just paid a scalper their entire paycheck to see their favorite band. This is the scene I love. This is what music should always be about everywhere. I can only explain the experience as unique and inspiring.

    With that, my heart exploded as I watched Eva Under Fire take the stage to the packed, wall-to-wall, front-to-back room. As I know how hard they have worked to get to this point, it was well-earned and a pleasure to see everyone who had finally discovered the musical talent of this band. They are from Detroit, Michigan. They have toured with Skillet, Halestorm, and many others. There is currently a short Indie film based on the lead singer’s life and loss of her father, called The Rockstar. They are currently working on a full-length movie. Eva Under Fire was recently on Shiprocked, and at this event, I learned if there’s one thing you come back from a shipwrecked cruise with, it’s a whole new family built on the love of music you all share. They wore their shirts, brought their banners, and came out by the dozens to see the band they discovered on that cruise. It was amazing.

    Eva Under Fire brought the house down, as they always do; they have always played with everything they have if there are ten people in a room or they are playing in a sold-out stadium. You will never be disappointed when it comes to them unless you miss a show in your area.

    Closing out the night was 10 Years from Knoxville, TN. Over the last 20 years, they have made their mark in the music community. With their 2005 breakthrough album, The Autumn Effect. Which brought us “Wasteland” and went gold. Their journey had just begun. And they have enjoyed much success in the industry. Seeing them perform, there’s no doubt that they won’t be slowing down anytime soon. They ended the night with a performance worth all the hours of heat, crowds, and running around from place to place to catch all the acts we had been through. And they all did indeed stay. Some take breaks to lay in the shade in the parking lot or cool off in their cars. They all stayed. They had brought their children, some to their first show ever. Despite the almost 11-hour day, they all stayed. For the music, for the celebration of a station that had provided them with music that sparked memories of times past, as well as music to the memories they build anew every day.

    I’ve been to many small venues throughout my time. They are by far my favorite most of the time. However, there’s always something that isn’t planned correctly, goes wrong, or is an oversight you just get used to. Slow service, understaffed, no accurate schedule to adhere to, and then there’s the crowd. They come for their friend’s band or their favorite, then leave. Even the bands aren’t always very supportive of the ones they are on the bill with. IRocks event was to celebrate their 10th year. It was nothing short of perfection on every level. Musicians support each other. They are taking time with fans. The staff was friendly, the food was terrific, and the service was fast. The sound was on point, and the show was well thought out and executed. I could say so much more, but I’m limited in space. I’ll leave you with this. Open whatever steaming platform you use. Look up every one of these bands; I can almost guarantee you will find at least three you add to your playlists. Likely more. If you are ever in Mechanicsburg, PA, you must check out Lovedrafts, event or not. It’s a place worthy of the time to stop in. If there’s an event by 717 Entertainment, you don’t want to miss it, as I heard many say this was this standard. And please go check out iRockradio. You owe yourself some good music, and they are just a rare gem in the music world these days and deserve all the support music lovers have to give…

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