AMONGST LIARS | Self Titled Debut Album Set To Drop ‘This Friday’ 8th July.

    Album Review By Karen Clayton

    Formed the end of 2019, Amongst Liars are a 4 piece from Eastbourne/Brighton. Releasing their first single ‘Over & Over‘ in February 2020, at just about the worst time to launch a new band, but that gave them plenty of time to write and writing they have been – so with their debut album about to be released, there’s talk of an acoustic EP to follow and plans to record another album in December.

    On the new album, the band comment:

    “Our self-titled debut album is a commentary on the world we currently live in, …. But the message of the album is one of positivity and empowerment. There are a lot of inequities in this world, but people can and do get strength and take control, through challenging and standing up to abusers, politicians and general wrong doers.”

    From the opening track, ‘Cut It‘ with its heavy bass line, and hard hitting lyrics, ‘This Violence Bleeds Silence,’  you can hear the underlying influences of Royal Blood, Queens of the Stone Age but that just shows the talent these boys have, instantly sounding familiar yet totally unique, this a band with a message to share! Their lyrics reflect on modern life, tackling issues such as mental health, homelessness, fake news and government failings.

    Their latest track to be released ‘Reign‘ which is pure rock class, vocalist, Ian George talks about their inspiration:

    “The message of ‘Reign’ is that too many people get lost in narcissism and social media, building themselves up only to self sabotage and burn it all down. The lyric ‘all these gods and social demons, self promoting instant fame, whilst choking on the smoke they pour’ paved the way for the video.”

    By the time, I have got to the ballad ‘Drown,’ I’m completely sold, for a debut album the band, have an established style and polished sound by far defying their relative newness, can’t wait to hear more. Closing track ‘Without Grace’ has a sublime heavy bass line riff and it leaves you wanting more.

    Personal standout tracks of the album (there wasn’t any I didn’t like), are:

    *The Reign

    *Burn the Vision

    *All Over Now


    This album has been added to my pick of albums of 2022, what a debut! Amongst Liars – Produced by David Radahd-Jones (Heaven’s Basement, The Fallen State, The Cruel Knives, Death Blooms).

    Pre-Order your Physical Copy HERE Pre-Save your Digital Copy HERE

    Playing Breaking Bands, Love Rocks and Wildfire festivals and have more live dates to support their new release – catching them at Breaking Bands and they are as impressive live as this studio album.  One band to watch out for! 4/5 stars

    Amongst Liars are:

    Ian George – Vocals

    Leo Burdett – Guitars

    Adam Oarton – Drums

    Ross Towner – Bass

    Amongst Liars Online:





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