GWAR The Age of Imbeciles Tour-Von Braun Center Mars Music Hall in Huntsville, AL October 22, 2023 (US)


    There is always an inevitable reaction when GWAR announces an upcoming tour. Some are unsure of precisely what the band is, while those of us “Bohabs” who have been to the show know the outcome. If you plan to attend, there are a few things to note. If you are within a 50 ft radius of the stage, you will get covered in colored liquid. I repeat, YOU WILL GET SOAKED AND STAINED RED, PURPLE, OR GREEN! I walked out of the battle looking like Violet from Willy Wonka, laughing all the way to my car. This was my 3rd time covering GWAR. Unfortunately, some individuals and photographers do not understand what they would be experiencing before it is too late for them and their cameras. Poor, Poor cameras. May they rest in piece….

    Starting the night off was Cancer Christ. They have been rising through California for a few years now in a unique way.  Cancer Christ’s mission statement is straight to the point of what they represent. “to bring people together.” We aim to create a safe space for fans and freaks of all genders, sexualities, races, etc; by Spreading the gospel through their unique brand.” The lead singer, Anthony Mehlhaff (Saint Anthony), believes he is a humble servant of God to introduce Jesus as an option to those who never considered it.  The other members of the band are the Snake people.

    Cancer Christ calls this type of music “REPTILIAN CHRISTIAN POWER VIOLENCE”. Something I’m sure many have never heard of before. Saint Anthony describes it as “their unique gospel of hardcore, noise, and metal punk, which they portray as the imperfect vessel to wage a holy war against those who wish to profit from a dying prophet’s words.”

    This was my first time hearing about Cancer Christ, and honestly, I’m still trying to figure out precisely what I saw and experienced. I know how much energy and excitement Saint Anthony projected from the stage and had the crowd engulfed in every action and movement he and the snake people were creating. Entering on the side of the group, in walked a man wearing a snake mask, fake blood, and not much else. He proceeded to the front of the crowd, greeting fans with hand gestures, hugs, and occasionally wiping the fake blood on them. After this, Saint Anthony and the rest of the snake people came on stage to an excited audience.

    Massive mosh pits broke out from the energy some could not contain as Cancer Christ thrashed on stage. Even the set could not control the excitement as some of the snake people joined the masses in the crowd, and Saint Anthony joined them as well, doing his Baptisms. This is one of those bands I will be following along their journey to see the divine destruction they create in their path. I cannot wait to see them again. Unfortunately, we all will have to wait for their new record, “God Is Violence,” which will be released by Red Records in 2024.


    Set List

    Hail Christ

    Blood of Jesus

    Do You Wanna Go to Heaven?

    Bring Back The Guillotine

    God Made Me Do It

    Hail Christ

    Prosperity Preacher

    God Hates Cops

    Satan is A Bitch

    Baptizes in Piss and Shit

    Make Them All Dead

    X-cops is a side project featuring members of GWAR and others in their “family.” As you guessed from their name, every band member has their role or persona they play on stage while dressed in police uniforms or prison outfits. As someone at the concert stated, it’s stupid with substance. Meaning there are some WTF moments that you can’t look away from. X-cops has an alternative metal style and released “You Have The Right To Remain Silent” in 1995 on Metal Blade Records. Their final show was in 1996 until they reunited at the 4th annual GWAR-B-Q in Richmond, VA, in 2013, and now for this tour with GWAR for 2023. X-cops is a different kind of vibe at a GWAR show. There are still some theatrical aspects, like the doughnuts and coffee skit, the inmate trying to survive and finishing up with the drummer getting electrocuted. It’s a fun intermission band as you calm down from the opener.


    Set List



    Zipper Pig

    Cavity Search

    3rd Leg

    Paddy Wagon


    You Fucked Up


    Band Members

    Michael Derks as Lt. Louie Scrapinetti (guitar)

    Mike Dunn as Cadet Billy Club (drums)

    Pete Lee as Sgt. Al Depantsia (guitar)

    Casey Orr (Beefcake the Mighty) as Sheriff Tubb Tucker (vocals)

    Brad Roberts (Jizmak Da Gusha) as Mountain Bike Officer Biff Buff (vocals)

    Bob Gorman as Sgt. Zypygski, aka Zipper Pig (vocals)

    Dave Musel as Detective Phillip McRevis (samples)


    From Detroit, Michigan, Negative Approach has been idolized in the Detroit rock underground scene and has repeatedly hit the Hardcore punk scene over the years since 1981. Initially formed by Brannon and Pete Zelewski, they released their first studio self-titled EP on Touch and Go Records in 1982. Contains songs such as “Can’t Tell No One,” “Ready to Fight,” and “Nothing”. The following year, they were on a roll and released the hardcore classic album “Tied Down.” This was the last anyone would hear about Negative Approach until 2006, when they played a few shows and tours throughout the years both in the US and Europe.

    November 2011, Taang! Records Released “Nothing Will Stand In Our Way” album with lost 1984 unreleased studio tracks, including “Friends of No One,” “Cargo Cult,” “Kiss Me Kill Me,” “Obsession,” “Genocide,” and a studio version of “I Got a Right.”


    Band Members

    John Brannon – vocals

    Harry Richardson – guitars

    Ron Sakowski – bass

    John Lehl – drums


    Set List



    Can’t Tell No One

    Dead Stop

    Live Your Life

    Ready to Fight

    Your Mistake


    Borstal Breakout

    Negative Approach

    Tied Down

    I’ll Survive

    Lead Song

    I Got a Right

    After adding additional protection to the equipment on stage and the masses pushing as close to the stage as possible, It was time for the Barbarians to present themselves. May I introduce you to GWAR! GWAR is a satirical art band about a barbaric alien race that was banished from their universe and set out to create an outlet of amusement for the seriousness of the world today. If you cannot take a joke or enjoy some offbeat fun on stage, this is not the show for you. GWAR is all about satire, sarcasm, and freedom. GWAR will dress up members of the band in latex costumes to make a mockery with effigies of celebrities, politicians, and public figures in the news and alien creatures by creating a bloodbath with them for the crowd’s entertainment. Heads will roll, and bodies will explode, all for the crowd’s amusement. GWAR has energetically taken the head of every US President -regardless of party affiliation, since Reagan. The blood only took about 30 seconds to spray over the masses and indoctrinate them into what they came for….BLOOD! Crowd surfers drowned as they flowed over the groups to the front, where they came up close and personal with the destruction happening on stage. There was no mercy for anyone, including Local radio personalities who were theatrically sacrificed onstage. There were puddles and small rivers of fake blood on the venue’s floors after the show, where some chose to try and do some swimming moves to finish covering any portion of their body that wasn’t christened earlier.

    Since 1984, GWAR has had a rotating lineup known as the slave pit, consisting of musicians, filmmakers, and artists. It is more about the music than the members, and they hope that GWAR will be able to continue to perform with new members as time fazes out members. Over almost 40 years of entertaining the masses, GWAR has released two live and 15 studio albums and sold nearly a million records in the US alone.

    While recently at New York City’s Palladium Times Square, there was a special event. Clitaurus Maximus (aka Lzzy Hale of Halestorm)Sang a duet of “The Cutter” with GWAR vocalist Blöthar the Berserker off the band’s newest 2022 album, The New Dark Ages has a companion graphic novel “GWAR In The Douverse of Absurdity.”



    Mike Derks (Balsac the Jaws of Death) – rhythm guitar

    Brad Roberts (Jizmak Da Gusha) – drums

    Matt Maguire (Sawborg Destructo) – co-lead vocals

    Brent Purgason (Pustulus Maximus) – lead guitar, backing vocals

    Bob Gorman (Bonesnapper) – backing vocals

    Michael Bishop (Blöthar the Berserker) – lead vocals

    Don Drakulich (Sleazy P. Martini) – backing vocals

    Casey Orr (Beefcake the Mighty) – bass, backing vocals

    Set List

    Hail, Genocide!

    I, Bonesnapper

    The Cutter

    Mother Fucking Liar


    Horror of Yig


    Completely Fucked

    Immortal Corruptor

    Madness at the Core of Time

    Let Us Slay

    Abyss of Woe

    Fuck This Place

    Berserker Mode

    Sick of You

    If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)


    The Berserker Blothar has a message for everyone:


    Attention People of Earth! Halloween is coming, and your world is up in flames. You’re a bunch of hairless apes with the smoothest of all brains. We see you there, groping in the chaos of maddening darkness. GWAR is coming to end your suffering, to bring a close to the Age of Imbeciles.” Here are the remaining dates to end your suffering with GWAR’s Age of Imbeciles Tour:

    10/30: Orlando, FL @The Beacham


    It is the 3rd anniversary of the Scumdogs XXX Live film, so GWAR will be doing three live rebroadcasts with live chats and performances for each show on November 9, 2023. Don’t pass this up since it’s only $1. Get tickets on their website here

    – 9 am ET/11 pm in Sydney for all our Australian bohabs.

    – Noon ET/5 pm in London/6 pm in Berlin for all of our UK and European bohabs.

    – 9 pm ET/6 pm PT for all our North and South American bohabs.


    While on GWAR’s site, don’t forget to check out the 10th-anniversary edition of “Battle Maximus.” The album is a tribute to fallen Scumdog Warrior Flattus Maximus (AKA Corey Smoot), and the last album Original and founding member Oderus Urungus (AKA Dave Brockie) recorded before his departure in 2014. Listen to it HEREPurchase or stream the album HERE.





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