TYRANTS DOWNFALL | Single Review ‘Ex Girlfriend’ Set To Drop 3rd September 2023, From The Bands Upcoming Album.

    Review By Candy Rocks

    So for those of you out there who have yet to hear Tyrants Downfall, (Gasp) Let me give you a little insight into who they are. Tyrants Downfall are a 5 piece rock band from Connersville Indiana. Who describe themselves as ‘Progressive Rock.’ Style Heavy Metal/Alternative Rock. Tyrants Downfall have shared stages with Tommy Vext, RED, Texas Hippie Coalition, Gravel, Framing Hanley and Saving Abel to mention a few.

    So if there is one thing I hate and I don’t like using the word hate often, but today I’m making an exception because I’m sick of the music industry especially reviewers, having the need to label everything, like Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Prog Rock, Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam Metal, Glam Rock, Female Fronted, All Female, et etc etc boring boring boring. Begone with you labelling society. It’s Rock music. That’s it’s title. Like Dance, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Country etc. Tyrants Downfall like every band, artist out there don’t need any sub-label other than rock.

    Tyrants Downfall are Tyrants Downfall that is their name. So when I want to go into a music store and buy their CD I should only need to go to the section marked rock music and go to the letter  ‘T’ simple! Because that is how Tyrants Downfall are. Simple punchy riffs, deep tone music that suit Tyson Russell’s vocals perfectly.

    Their music is catchy, it packs a powerful punch because of how Joe, Darren and Caleb on bass have tuned their guitars, chosen their desired amps and effect pedals to give you that distinctive Tyrants Downfall sound, added to with James on drums.

    Their music like any other band is unique to them, they took elements of this and that , mixed it together to create their sound. So how can you label it progressive etc etc etc, you can’t. But that’s what Tyrants Downfall did with their new single, it was not to label it but title it ‘Ex Girlfriend.’

    So let me tell you that as soon as those guitars kick in you instantly know its Tyrants Downfall, Tyson’s vocals only prove it further added to with the great drumming from James and Caleb’s bass. Joe and Darren’s guitars have what I can only describe as that deep and dirty sound. Now this all depends on what amps you use, effect pedals and the tuning of those guitars, but I love it because it wraps and suits Tyson’s vocals perfectly.
    That is nothing more than you expect. They don’t mess around because they know what works for them as a band.

    Write some great lyrics, add some kick ass riffs, throw in some great little drum fills, a bass line like a beating heart and some amazing guitar solos. Nothing fancy or over the top. But enough to make ‘Ex Girlfriend’ kick ass. If you like your music punchy , with deep sounding guitars etc Tyrants Downfall are the band for you and you really need to be checking them out.

    So here it is my description of the single ‘Ex Girlfriend.’ It’s like throwing your leg over a Harley Davidson, that distinctive noise when you press the start button and it roars into life. Kick it into gear and hit that highway, twist that throttle and feel the torque of that thumping V Twin. Tyrants Downfall have that sound, that torque and that ability to make you enjoy every moment of it.

    If you don’t believe me then find some footage of a motorcycle ride turn the volume off and replace it with Tyrants Downfalls new single ‘Ex Girlfriend.’ Enjoy the ride your about to have.

    PRESAVE – Upcoming Premier  ‘Ex Girlfriend’ HERE



    Tyson Russell -Vocals

    James Hendrickson – Drums

    Darren Yagle – Guitar

    Joe Becker – Guitar

    Caleb Adrian – Bass Guitar

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