BLITZ | Single Review ‘I’ll Find You In Yesterday’ Out Friday 18th August.

    Review By Candy Rocks

    Right I’m going to say this straight away so as to stop any confusion because ‘I’ll Find You In Yesterday’ is not a ballad, it is miles away from that and I shall explain why.

    ‘I’ll Find You In Yesterday’ is not some romantic love song written about some girl or boy.
    This is Blitz stripped down, no bones, no fancy orchestra or over the top guitar solos. To me this isn’t a band writing a song for their up coming album, this is Stuart, Kevin and Mat, three friends sat around a piano talking and while Kevin is just playing some notes as they talk about life etc and something in that conversation triggers a memory in Stuart and as Kevin forms the notes from his finger tips Stuart unfolds the story of a moment in time where everything in going on in his life started to change, how one day in a record store made him look at life in a different way. Music has that amazing ability to change who we are and shape who we are.

    Stuart hit that right on the target when he said that to me in a reply to my message about ‘I’ll Find You in Yesterday.’ But what that reply said to me even though the question was about something else on the track, is that Stuarts heart and soul are in ‘I’ll Find You In Yesterday.’

    It’s part of his life, his journey, what made Stuart the person he is today, and we should be so grateful that he didn’t just share his journey with Kevin and Mat, for that moment in time to forever echo in the halls of the recording studio. NO Blitz recorded it, no bones, nothing but true heart and soul confession of a moment in a life. When you listen, we go on our own journey of reflection to a person, a moment in time that changed us.

    This is pure rawness at the beginning with Kevin on piano and Stuart‘s vocals Mat adding this cymbal crash fading like waves rolling onto the rocks, as it opens into keyboards with guitar in the background, then Stuart singing his heart out that day. It’s like he is back there lost in that moment in time again as all the music wrapped around him like some big comfy blanket, his friends Kevin and Mat feeling what he was going through and hell did they do their friend justice, Kevin adds the most beautiful guitar solo, while Mat on drums adds to it with fills that make it even more powerful, because ‘I’ll Find You In Yesterday’ is building into its power chord and chorus before it finishes how it all began with just piano and vocals, then you hear it fade away as the last vocal and notes are played.

    If you want to know what the real power of friendship is then listen to ‘I’ll Find You In Yesterday.’ This isnt the band Blitz, this isnt Blitz just making music, This is Blitz true friends that stand by each other, understand each other, support each other through their highs and most importantly their lows.

    Having this image in my head of three friends in a studio with their arms around each other after Stuart finished singing because if he wasn’t crying his eyes out singing his entire heart out, then Stuart I hope we sit down one day and you can tell me how you found the strength too. I will honestly say this from my heart while listening to ‘I’ll Find You in Yesterday,’ I thought about people who aren’t by my side any more and my god I miss them. But was it them who made my eyes fill up? NO it was for Stuart bearing his heart and soul for everyone, because he isn’t ashamed to shed a tear, he isn’t afraid to say “you want the real Stuart Cordon well here I am.”

    So don’t label ‘I’ll see You In Yesterday a ballad.’ I will simply say you didn’t truly listen to it. You didn’t feel the passion and heart felt emotion that went into it, then you definitely didn’t let it into your heart FULL STOP.

    I’m writing this review from how it made me feel, how it triggered those emotions inside me while ‘I’ll Find You In Yesterday’ was playing through my headphones as Stuarts vocals, Kevin playing piano then overlaying an amazing beautiful guitar solo all filled out by Mats amazing drumming all unfolding in my ears as I wrote down what ‘I’ll Find You In Yesterday’ was making me feel. I can only recommend you do the same.

    BLITZ are:

    Stuart Cordon Bass, Lead Vocals

    Kevin Simpson Guitar

    Mat Davis Drums & Vocals

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