Burning Witches​ ‘The Dark Tower’ Album Review Out 5th May 2023 via Napalm Records​.

    Review by Heather Laing

    If rock and metal is the devils music, then all hail the brides of Satan as Burning Witches return with a brand new album that is every bit as fiery and fearless as their namesake.

    Recommended for fans of: Halestorm, Thundermother, Powerwolf

    Back with their 7th album, Burning Witches have certainly proven over the years they are every bit as powerful as the craft they have named themselves after. The Swedish power metal band simply radiates dark feminine energy, with a rich history of intense and passionate vocals accompanied by volatile instrumentals that will literally reverberate through your chest (or your eardrums depending on how you choose to listen). Loud, proud and unapologetically powerful, this is a band that echoes gleeful joy in the face of those that would fear their ‘devil worship’. Almost as if to say “I am so very powerful. I love it, I live for it, and I laugh at those that would attempt to shame me or ever try to stop me.”

    It will likely come as no surprise to their die-hard fan base that the latest album ‘The Dark Tower’ has not strayed from their usual repertoire, and I am 100% certain that no one is going to complain about it either. This album is so uniquely enriched with themes of dark fantasy with its track titles and chanting lyrics (which may I add sound almost ritualistic by design), and yet is so undeniably classic of the band that I can safely say the album will please all from the die hard fans of 2015 to the newcomers of today (like me).

    Barring the song ‘Tomorrow,’ that takes on a still powerful but also sorrowful and melancholy tone, the entire album is nothing short of an eruption of flames against a black starless night. The band takes no prisoners and does not let you leave unscathed, as each song is performed with an unshakeable sense of force and vigour that makes it physically impossible to turn away or take out your earbuds. I myself was most pleasantly surprised, having never heard of the band prior to this and fully expecting a more traditional rock and roll style of female rebellion against the status quo, only to be greeted with a style that seemed to not only seek to rival but dominate over the stereotypical male-orientated nature of the power metal scene. With the title track literally telling the story about a Witch so powerful that they had to lock her away, Burning WitchesThe Dark Tower’ has easily joined their list of fantastic albums and demonstrate not only that they’re equally capable of success in the alternative music industry, but they are just as formidable, if not more, as any other band in the heavy and power metal scene.

    With such an incredible amount of talent, they deserve all of the love and attention they receive and more. Living up to their namesake is certainly putting it lightly, because for me, Burning Witches are nothing short of supernatural.

    The Dark Tower Track Listing:

    Rise Of Darkness
    Unleash The Beast
    Evil Witch
    World On Fire
    House Of Blood
    The Dark Tower
    Heart Of Ice
    Arrow Of Time
    Doomed To Die
    Into The Unknown
    The Lost Souls

    Pre-Order ‘The Dark Tower’ HERE Release Date: 5th May 2023

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