BOMBER | ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ Album Review Out 25th March 2022 via Napalm Records.

    Review By Heather Laing



    ‘Nocturnal Creatures’

    Out 25 March 2022 via Napalm Records



    Be prepared to be blown away as newcomers BOMBER unleash a fiery explosion in the hard rock genre with their first album, Nocturnal Creatures! This Swedish band has unlocked the gates of hell and unleashed the fires of hard rocks finest as they burst into the alternative scene with a brand new album ‘Nocturnal Creatures.’ Those that crave the glory days the of 70’s and 80’s will be presented with the re-incarnation of their dreams, as these aesthetic anthems of wild yet melodic guitar riffs are paired with powerful vocals so reminiscent of the greats, but with their own individual and modern twists.

    Each track is a true representation of the band’s passions and talent. Members of the alternative scene have already been able to have a taster of what’s to come, as two of the tracks have already been released to multiple streaming services. The first, Zarathustra (released on January 18th) truly holds nothing back; with an exploding introduction of guitars and drums, followed by the kind of lyrics suited to the scene of a high speed car chase or the smoke filled pits of a festival grounds. This track also has a music video available on YouTube, which provides another insight into the bands classic and hard rock inspiration. The next track, A walk of titans (Hearts will break) released on February 22nd, is all of this and more. Having taken a much slower tempo backed with fearsome drums that make it reminiscent of the thundering footsteps of giants; A walk of titans takes the form of a classic power ballad. The thunderous lyrics are made to echo in your chest as you belt them out, while the beat makes you stomp your feet in rhythm and throw your horns up in the air.

    Much like these, the remaining tracks are better than the last. The opening track Nocturnal creatures provides a narrative introduction, setting you up for the story of a lifetime as Zarathusta roars to life. The remaining tracks of the album are each a unique blend of classic and hard rock madness that will delight listeners everywhere, with tracks like You’ve got demons, Aurora, and Black Pants Magic taking the form of a classic ballad while others like Hungry For Your Heart and The Tiger have all of the energies of a hard rock anthem.

    With the energies of the greats combined with passion and talent unlimited, it’s clear  BOMBER have every intention of entering the scene with a bang. Whether you’re a fan of classics like AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses, or you’re as new to the scene as the band itself and looking for something great to start you off, BOMBER’s ‘Nocturnal Creatures‘ is the album for you. High rock and classic are getting a brand new look. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.


    BOMBER are:
    Anton Sköld – Lead Vocals and Guitar
    Love Andersson – Bass Guitar and Vocals
    Rasmus Grahn – Drums and Vocals
    Max Huddén – Guitar and Vocals

    BOMBER Online:


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