Mac Sabbath “More Than Meats The Eye” tour November 7, 2023, at The Exit Inn, Nashville, TN (US)

    Photography and Review by the amazing Kim Cilluffo

    This was my first time returning to Exit Inn since ownership changed hands. Sadly, the pictures of many legends and the list of band names depicting the legacy of Nashville‘s rich history of legends of every genre that played the venue in the past were stripped from the walls and painted over. Nothing more than empty black walls now showcase the inside. It’s funny how something simple, like a wall, can change the feeling of a venue for so many. Mac Sabbath‘s name once graced these walls as well. Coming to this show tonight, everyone knew they were in for a very entertaining time with this sort of lineup of Transformers to McDonald’s characters.

    Our first bit of excitement for the night was an eclectic punk band from Arizona called Playboy Manbaby. They have been enticing the masses since 2011 with multiple records like Bummeritaville and their latest Now That’s What I Call Songs We Made For The Internet. My first thought was that it was an interesting name, and this alone got me thinking about what I would see based on the later acts. Robbie Pfeffer’s awkward stage presence, nicely groomed mullet, and “did I do that” shirt fed into the band’s name from the first note. They had a lot of energy onstage that got the crowd in a fun mood. Climbing over the barricade into the crowd, Robbie gave life lessons on being famous like Taylor Swift and debated severely over having a 400-count chicken nugget meal added to the menu or having everything 7000 calories or more. Thanks to the most scientific tool they had available, rock/paper/scissors was used, and 7000 calories became the victor. Robbie Pfeffer has an entertaining and energetic personality that commands the crowd to unwind, relax, and enjoy the music around you. Please check them out at the merch booth after the show and be friends! Check out their Diskography with this link!



    • Robbie Pfeffer: Vocals
    • TJ Firga: Guitar
    • Chris Hudson: Bass
    • David Cosme: Trumpet
    • Chad Dennis: Drums
    • Eryn Wise: Important

    I had heard about The Cybertronic Spree before but had yet to have the opportunity to see them live. I wish the stage could have been more significant for them to show off their extravagant show, which they go all in 100%. Unfortunately, with the stage being so small, all the members could not be present. That didn’t stop them from delivering an energetic show.  The band is based on the kid’s toy Transformers, and each was dressed as a different member. It could not have been easy to play the guitar with bulky gloves and Shockwave smashing the drumsets using a bright purple vibrator and a substantial boxy head. As the story goes, they are a cross-factional rock band composed of former Autobots & Decepticons performing songs around the universe.  Around 2013, The band from Cybertron landed in Toronto and started covering different songs that appealed to them to fit in with the local scene. This past August, The Cybertronic Spree released their debut album of original music called “Ravage.” Not wasting time once they took stage, they jumped almost straight into the Transformers theme song. Earlier on in the day, they hinted that there was a surprise that was going to happen with them. There was only one person who guessed it right…Way to go, Raye! Halfway through their set, they brought out a Nashville-based icon, “The Protomen,” to sing Thunderstruck with them. Arcee‘s vocals reminded me of that hard rock tone you hear from bands like Halestorm and Spiritbox. There is so much control and range in the notes that not many can hit. After all these years, the biggest mystery behind the band is who they are behind the costumes. The world may never know! I’m sure there will be another chance to catch them again, and I will not miss it. Check out this video by filmmakers Marco Libretti and Kimiya Shokoohi on how they accidentally arrived in Toronto with this link.                                                  THE CYBERTRONIC SPREE   



    • Rodimus
    • Arcee
    • Shockwave
    • Soundwave
    • Rumble
    • Bumblebee
    • Spike Witwicky
    • An unnamed Quintesson Judge
    • Unicron



    • Run for Your Life
    • The Transformers (Theme) @Cover
    • Turbo Heart
    • Instruments of Destruction @Cover
    • Dare to Be Stupid @Cover
    • True Survivor @Cover
    • The Touch @Cover
    • Thunderstruck W/Protomen
    • Wheels of Fire
    • Down at McDonnelzzz @Cover


    Mac Sabbath is a parody band from California dressed like a rejected McDonald character and sings parody songs mainly of Black Sabbath while changing the words to be based around fast food. From Ronald to Grimace, even down to Hamburgler, they each have their unique name in the band. Still trying to keep their anonymity, Mac Sabbath refuses interviews and only speaks through their manager, Mike Old, who continually creates out-of-this-world stories about the band’s origins. There is so much music and comedy built into each show the action going on every moment had you rocking to classics while shaking your head, trying to figure out what was happening simultaneously. You would have thought you were experiencing Ozzy himself if you closed your eyes. He sounded so much like him in the way he spoke, laughed, and sang. But then you would have noticed that the words differ from the correct lyrics to the songs we all know and love. You have to stay aware of what’s going on so you can avoid the Ketchup and mustard that’s sprayed around (it’s just water, so don’t worry), The Bucket of surprises that’s dumped on a section of the crowd, the fry guy that spits water at the crowd and then the hamburger beach balls that were bouncing all over this venue. Let’s not forget to mention that if you are lucky enough, the employee of the month will deploy the larger-than-life hamburger that Ronald rides on overtop of the entire crowd. There’s even a dancing air puppet mimicking Ronald, lots of grilling, and a smoked bat on a bun that lost his head in true Ozzy Fashion.



    • Ronald Osbourne – Vocals
    • Slayer MacCheeze– Guitar
    • Grimalice -Bass Guitar
    • Catburglar -Drums

    Other Characters

    • Employee of the Month
    • The Lizard
    • Mac Tonight Moonman
    • Fry Guy



    • Organic Funeral Parody of “Electric Funeral” by Black Sabbath
    • Sweet Beef Parody of “Sweet Leaf” by Black Sabbath
    • The Lizard Parody of Followed by teases of covers, including “We’re Not Going To Shake Shack”
    • Grill My Pet Parody of “Killed by Death” by Motörhead
    • Drive Thru the Void Parody of “into the Void” by Black Sabbath
    • In Dreams
    • Bread Parody of “Beth” by Kiss
    • Love Buns Parody of “Love Gun” by Kiss
    • Supersize Parody of “Supernaut” by Black Sabbath
    • Chicken for the Slaves Parody of “Children of the Grave” by Black Sabbath
    • Frying Pan Parody of “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath
    • Halloweener & Schnitzel Parody of “Halloween” by Misfits with members of Cybertronic Spree
    • Pair-a-Buns Parody of[“Paranoid” by Black Sabbath
    • Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonalds

    As OZZY is mentioned, i thought, hmmmm lets slip in a wee video,,,

    Even though the visual history is gone with the Exit Inn, this venue will still be around for a long time, showcasing music legends to up-and-coming bands making their debut in the industry. There are still a few dates left on The More Than Meats The Eyes tour, and I would not miss it if they are in your area. We all need those bands that get what the music is all about, know how to have fun with what they do, and put everything into their craft. The enjoyment and laughs you will get from attending this tour or other shows they are putting on will be one you can never forget, not just in your memories but also in your nightmares.

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