Within Temptation | Album Review ‘Bleed Out’ Set To Drop 20th October 2023

    Review By Hexi Laing Photo Credit: Tim Tronkcoe

    Recommended for fans of Evanescence, Sleep Token, Halestorm, Vukovi

    The gothic symphonic metal band is back again with their brand new album, ‘Bleed Out.’
    Given the fact that Within Temptation already has such an incredible reputation in the alternative music scene, I don’t imagine any introduction I give you is going to tell you something you don’t already know. Beginning in 1997, this band has become nothing less than sensational in heavy metal music, sporting multiple albums and single EPs in their discovery, along with covers and collaborations from multiple artists, including Evanescence, Iron Maiden, Tarja and Xzibit. Described as both gothic and symphonic metal, I feel the best way to describe Within Temptations works as an epic movie soundtrack meets that sweet sweet heavy metal goodness, combining hauntingly beautiful vocals and powerful lyrics with classically intense riffs and thunderous drum and bass instrumentals.
    And with so many great albums under their belt, is anyone surprised that ‘Bleed Out‘ is equally fantastic?
    This album was made to be performed across a concert hall or festival arena, featuring the best of what Within Temptation has to offer regarding talent, themes and performance. The whole album carries the vibe of an epic story in a post-apocalyptic wasteland; with the lyrics generating feelings of power, strength, and unity in the face of adversity and oppression. As always, the vocals are astounding and the instrumentals are incredible, with the balladic vocals and heavy metal sounds creating a smooth juxtaposition for each other that is just different enough for each to be enjoyable in its element, but not so much that it becomes distracting or jarring to listen to. Neither style is overshadowed and nothing seems or feels out of place, an achievement that deserves all of the praise in its own right as successfully combining two very different styles is something extremely hard to pull off.
    In all, I truly think that Within Temptations … is a fantastic album created by an incredibly talented band. It’s thrilling and engaging, appeals to the imagination in all of us, and if nothing else, the tracks will sound phenomenal echoing across the arena of their next show. Whether you’re a fan of an epic musical score, a die-hard fan or just looking for something new or a little bit different, this album is the one for you!
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going on the hunt for their next UK tour dates!
    Bleed Out’ Tracklisting:
    We go to war
    Bleed out
    Worth dying for
    Cyanide love
    The purge
    Don’t pray for me
    Shed my skin
    Entertain you


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    Within Temptation are:
    Sharon den Adel – Vocals
    Mike Coolen – Drums
    Stefan Helleblad – Guitars
    Ruud Jolie – Guitars
    Martijn Spierenburg – Keyboards
    Jeroen van Veen – Bass Guitars
    Robert Westerholt – Guitars

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