BLITZ | Single Review ‘Shell Shocked’ Out 14th July 2023 via Shock Records (USA) Vanity Music Group.

    Reviewed By Candy Rocks

    Take a classic riff that we’ve all probably heard before by many a rock band. Who have all used it to great effect, not going to list any BORING. Blitz on the other hand use it to trick you into thinking oh here is another rock band using that riff, well they don’t HAHA. Instead Blitz use it to fill areas of Shell Shocked out, these guys let a thundering bass line & drums drive the verses, because Stuart Cordons voice is a powerhouse along with his bass playing. Mat Davis adds extra vocals & some clever little drum fills. Kevin Simpson on guitar adds what I can only describe as awesome little fills mixed some power chords at certain points throughout Shell Shocked that lead you into the chorus. Kevin‘s lead break is off the wall as it drops back out into little fills as Mat & Stuart take back over, I love how in the background you can hear it starting to build up again while Stuart is speaking, then bound the power kicks back in for the chorus. Blitz have taken that classic saying sometimes Less is More. For me Blitz have taken that saying & shown us what less is more can sound like. It’s rocking, it’s a simple chorus that doesn’t need much more than Shell Shocked & a fill line, which it has, it will have you singing along to it when Shocked is released on 14th of July on Shock Records (USA) Vanity Music Group.

    Shell Shocked‘ is from Blitz new album Kicking Up A Storm which is scheduled for release this September.

    I’m simply going to add how excited I am to be able to play Shell Shocked on my Mizz Hyde Welcome To The Hydeside show when it’s released.

    So all you DJs , Radio Stations large or small you need to be getting ‘Shell Shocked‘ played on your show. It’s catchy as hell, it’s very well engineered & mixed, it’s everything I want from a rock song & Blitz have delivered it. I am never going to go into detail about a track or album I will simply outline it & tell you how it makes me feel on a personal level.
    I’m only going to show the door, it is up to you to go through it. But trust me you will be shell shocked by what Blitz are about to deliver your ears.

    Thank you Blitz for allowing me the privilege to listen to & review ‘Shell Shocked. My headphones & this track playing repeatedly as I wrote this review. I can only say I was bouncing, I was singing & I’m rockin.

    So Blitz fans get ready, Rock music lovers get ready for the release of ‘Shell Shocked.’

    BLITZ are:

    Stuart Cordon Bass, Lead Vocals

    Kevin Simpson Guitar

    Mat Davis Drums & Vocals

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