Massive Wagons | The Virginmarys, Live Review 21st April 2023, O2 Academy 2, Birmingham UK.

    Review By Hayley Clark Picture Credit Indie Images

    Squishing a little bit more forward as more fans pour into Birmingham’s 02 Academy the energetic duo of The Virginmarys set the stage ablaze as they capture the audience’s attention.

    Following the release of their ‘Devil Keeps Coming’ EP Danny and Ally power through tracks, strong riffs with booming beats from the drum deck, the Macclesfield 2 piece have definitely gained more followers tonight following the audience reaction. The crowd are buzzing, maybe older, but not as wiser as they get up to mischief  awaiting their headliners. A cheeky guy at least in his 50’s ‘acquires’ a poster from a display cabinet for his friend while people chat away cheerfully like long lost friends. The heat of bodies packed in like sardines show restlessness in a few.

    The loyal fanbase waited eagerly, including quite a few who had made the journey from up north to the home of rock, a fan perched on a seat sat next to the toilet and fire exit seemed to know half the crowd it was such a friendly bunch.

    Finally it was time a confetti cannon shot into the air and pyro display as Massive Waggons rolled onto the stage to celebrate the release of ‘Triggered.’

    Front man Baz bursting into ‘Gone Are The Days’ erupts the crowd with a cheeky wink and cheque ensemble, one of the best showmen in rock at the moment as he bounds from side to side bringing energy and power. Eager to achieve the impossible the audience are asked to take a step forward to allow others to get into this Sold Out show before parting the crowd to create a mosh of hysteria for ‘F&ck The Haters.’ Turning up the temperature with ‘ASSHOLE’ fans bounced from side to side pointing and jesting at each other with beaming grins as the band rocked the show.

    Cheeky lyrics and rocking rifts it’s no wonder so many had crammed into the Academy 2 for the wonderful set, labelled ‘Sold out, I’m not quite sure as never saw a sell out where people are actually standing at the top of the stairs outside the venue to hear the band as they can’t get into the main room however, after the tragedy in Brixton, I think venues need to work a little harder to prevent a repeat. The show could of easily been held downstairs and still  sold out as a few of the people who had managed to scramble from the front to the back due to the temperature rising, and you still know Massive Wagons would have rocked the main room even more.

    With the night full of flashing lights and burrowing riffs delving deeper under your skin, those who did last the distance were treated to an amazing show. ‘Northern Boy,’ ‘Germ’ and Metallica cover ‘Creeping Death’ couldn’t prepare the audience for the frenzy of a Ricky Martin classic added to the mix, standing still wasn’t an option here as cheesy as it is The 02 Academy 2 just erupted.

    With a whopping 18 track set list it was time for the end with anthem ‘In It Together’ not to be mistaken with the phrase old Boris coined in on Covid past, the big riffs, big licks and big moves on stage driving the audience crazy as Massive Wagons Wowed them leaving a chorus of whoa’s glowing in the cold Birmingham air as they departed.

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