THE RISE OF THE MACHINE TOUR at TLA in Philadelphia, USA on 18/03. Headlining tour by STATIC X and supports from SOCIETY1, DOPE, MUSHROOMHEAD and FEAR FACTORY.

    Photos and Review by JJ HORVATH

    The Rise of the Machine Tour made a stop at the TLA in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday March 18th. This killer lineup featured Society 1, Dope, Mushroomhead, Fear Factory, and Static X.

    Society 1 an industrial metal band started the night off and it was my 1st time seeing or hearing their music. The stage was packed with all the bands on this tour who’s gear including  3 drum kits on stage didn’t give the guys much room and was pretty much standing room only for them. However vocalist Matt Zane put on a great performance giving it his all and getting into the music.

    DOPE was second on the bill. Dope released their latest album Blood Money Part Zer0 on February 24, 2023. Dope is in my opinion a very underrated band. They fit into their 30 minute set opening with their new song Blood Money along with songs, Violence, Bitch, Die MF Die, I’m Back, Burn, and their cover of You Spin Me Round ( Like a Record).

    Third was MUSHROOMHEAD. New masks and some new members since the last time I saw them live. As always they put on a great show. With their Double water drums and Members occasionally doing a little crowd surfing makes such a great stage show. Playing songs A Requiem for Tomorrow, Seen it All, Our Apologies, Qwerty, Sun Doesn’t Rise, 12 Hundred, a Pink Floyd cover called Empty Spaces and Born of Desire.


    With already a great line up that played so far now we have FEAR FACTORY up next with bassist Tony Campos pulling double duty in Fear Factory and Static X. With a new lead vocalist Milo Silvestro they played a spot on set. Playing great hard hitting songs, Shock, Edgecrusher, Disruptor, Dieletric, Powershifter, What Will Become, Archetype, Demanufacture, Zero Signal and Replica.


    And the last band to play on the night was one of my all time favorite bands STATIC X. With original members Bassist Tony Campos, Drummer Ken Jay, Guitarist Koichi Fukuda, and honoring the late Wayne Static is lead vocalist Xer0. Static X did not disappoint at all playing an hour and a half set featuring songs, Permanence, This is Not, Structural Defect, Black and White, Love Dump, Wisconsin Death Trip, Fix Bled for Days, Terminator Osillator, Just in Case, Destroy All, Dirt House, Get to the Gone, Cannibal, Nine Inch Nails cover of Terrible Lie, Cold with a Wayne Static tribute with pictures on the video screens and a foam shower, followed by I’m with Stupid and Push it to close out the live show. As Tony, Ken and Koichi waved and thank the fans passing out guitar picks and drumsticks and with Static X’s song Machine played over the house speakers replacing the classic KISS song I was made for Lovin’ you, which ironically started playing in my car on Spotify and according to my Waze app I was  1.2 miles from my house. So I guess I got close out another Static X show to that song. Wayne Static



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