ACE FREHLEY Live Review 5th February 2023 At The Beacon Theatre, Hopewell, Virginia (USA).

    Review and Picture Credit -Michael Kline

    Ace Frehley‘s recent show at the Beacon Theater, HopeWell, Virginia was a true spectacle for fans of classic rock music. The legendary guitarist and former member of KISS took to the stage and delivered an electrifying performance that had fans on their feet and singing along all night long. Compared to Frehley‘s days with KISS, his recent performance showed he still has the same raw talent and energy that made him a household name back in the day. His guitar skills and stage presence have only gotten better with time, making the show a true celebration of the best of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  As a legendary guitarist and former member of the iconic band KISS, Ace Frehley is known for his impressive solos, raw energy, and love of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  A show at the Beacon Theatre, fans were treated to a night of classic hits and fan firm favorites, including some of the most iconic songs from Frehley‘s time with KISS as well as his solo work.

    The Beacon Theatre hosting tonight’s performance is a perfect match for both the venue and the artist. As an historic venue in Virginia, the Beacon Theatre is known for its exceptional acoustics and stunning design, making it the perfect setting for a legendary rock artist. With its exceptional sound quality and beautiful setting, this theatre is the perfect place to experience Frehley‘s powerful and energetic performance, which are a testament to the raw power and passion of good old fashion Rock ‘n’ Roll, not to mention the intimate setting.

    The crowd was electrified from start to finish as this legendary guitarist took to the stage with his iconic smoking guitar and a brand new LED-lit guitar in hand. The audience being a mix of old-school KISS fans and new-school Frehley fans. Frehley‘s performance was high-energy and engaging, with the audience singing along to every song showing their appreciation. 

    Enjoying a setlist being a perfect blend of solo material and classic KISS tracks, including ‘Rock and Roll All Nite,’ ‘Cold Gin,’ and ‘Shock Me‘ getting the crowd pumped up.  As well as some classic KISS  hits ‘Rocket Ride,’ ‘Stranger in a Strange Land,’ and ‘2000 Man‘ were met with cheers and sing-alongs, while ‘New York Groove,’ ‘Cold Gin,’ and ‘Shock Me‘ proving Frehley‘s solo work is just as powerful whether playing with KISS or as a solo artist. 

    A truly remarkable performance, considering Ace Frehley is now in his seventies and no signs of slowing down any time soon. Delivering each song with energy, precision and engaging the audience with his stage presence and humour. One of the highlights when Frehley brought out his iconic ‘Spaceman’ guitar and set the stage ablaze with its shimmering lights. His performance was a celebration of his musical legacy and showcased why he remains one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Fans of all ages were on their feet for the entire performance, and it was clear that the feeling of excitement in the room was contagious. Of course, the special effects used during the show only added to the overall experience. The smoking guitar was a classic Frehley touch, while the LED-lit guitar added a modern twist that was visually stunning. These effects combined with the fantastic light show and the rock-solid sound system made for a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

    In conclusion, the Ace Frehley show at the Beacon Theatre was a triumph in every sense of the word. The music enraptured the audience, and Frehley‘s performance was nothing short of incredible. Whether you’re a fan of KISS or simply a lover of classic rock music, this show was a must-see event that left everyone in attendance feeling satisfied and fulfilled. With a mix of classic hits, impressive guitar skills, and a high-energy crowd, the show was a true celebration of the best of rock and roll.  Fans of all ages were treated to a memorable night of classic rock and roll and a truly unforgettable performance by one of the greatest musicians of our time.

    Set Listing:

    01. Parasite (KISS)
    02. Snow Blind
    03. Speedin’ Back To My Baby
    04. Rip It Out
    05. Rock Soldiers
    06. Escape From The Island (KISS)
    07. Insane
    08. Detroit Rock City (KISS)
    09. Stranger In A Strange Land

    10. Rocket Ride (KISS)
    11. Getaway (KISS)
    12. New York Groove (Russ Ballard Cover)
    13. Shock Me (KISS)
    14. Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
    15. Cold Gin (KISS)
    16. Black Diamond (KISS)

    Encore 17. Deuce (KISS)

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