SKUNK ANANSIE | Show Review 21st April, 2022 UEA, LCR, Norwich (UK).

    Review by Heather Laing Picture Credit Indie Images

    Long live the legends as Skunk Anansie set the LCR ablaze with their fiery concert. They’re not known as one of the greats of rock and roll for nothing, and it is clear Skunk Anansie hold that title in all its glory. This band has always been nothing short of incredible; unapologetically loud and proud with all the rock and roll talent you could dream of on record and on stage. With a band of this reputation one would expect their show to be the equivalent of fire itself, something that encompasses all of Skunk Anansie’s power and glory in a blaze of lights, lyrics, and electric guitar. And did their Norwich show live up to these expectations? I am happy to say it was all of this and more.

    The introducing song ‘Political’ combo was one to raise the roof quite literally by itself, starting the show with enough power to rattle the windows and send the crowd wild. The rest of the show was just as fantastic to see. Each track was performed phenomenally, with accompanying lights and stage effects which made the set as alive and incredible as the band performing. The band members themselves were equally thrilling to watch, whether they were dancing with the crowd rocking some of the most incredible outfits you ever did see. Skin in particular certainly knows how to rock her latex horn head-piece as she commanded the mosh pit and danced along with the crowd. As well as the band itself, the set design itself was truly iconic. Flashing lights, smoke machines, accompanied with incredible acoustics truly made this show one to remember. The crowd itself was a sea of mosh-pit madness and energy; with fans jumping, dancing, and belting back the lyrics to each artist on stage, giving thunderous applause that shook the roof almost as much as the music itself. So much love and dedication was put into the show by both the band and their fans, making for one of the most powerful concerts you could ever see. This was the spirit of rock and roll delivered for your pleasure, and I have no doubt in my mind everyone that saw or will see it will get nothing but from the experience.

    Keep raising the roof Skunk Anansie. We hold our horns high to the rock and roll legends.

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