MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE – Reunion Tour 13th September 2022, Little Caesar Arena, Detroit, Michigan (USA).

    Review And Picture Credit Marie-Christine Quirion

    After a ‘Reunion Show in December 2019’ sold out in 4 minutes, My Chemical Romance realized their fans were still waiting for them. Seven years after Gerard Way announced MCR was breaking up revealing “It wasn’t fun to make stuff anymore” that their music “Wasn’t needed anymore.” Now Barack Obama was in power, the band decided to jump back on stage for one night.

    I must be completely honest, I attended one of the last My Chemical Romance shows before the breakup and I could definitely tell they weren’t having fun. I was a huge fan, but after that performance, I lost interest. Same good songs, but not the same experience.
    When I heard the band were talking about getting back together, I became curious and wanting to relive the good old years of MCR. When rumors popped, I was one of the first trying to find that Concert ticket or Festival where they would play. Unfortunately, the Pandemic of 2020 pushed back everything.

    My Chemical Romance – Like a good old wine. Not even knowing if I could review the Little Caesar Arena concert (my area) in September, I had the opportunity to get my hands on a ticket for the Toronto show, a week earlier than Detroit. I showed up there with the fear of ruining all my memories linked to these songs. What if they don’t sound the same? What if they don’t look ‘Emo’ or fun anymore? What if they’re even more disappointing than the last concert I attended? Oh, I was so wrong. Like a good old wine, MCR have aged very well! Sounding exactly as I remembered. Gerard shacking it up every single show with a different persona, costume and make up making it so much fun. Gerard walked the stage constantly, interacting with the crowd as they reciprocate singing along the whole show. The mutual respect between fans and the excitement in the arena was out of this world. I’m not ashamed to say this concert is now in my top 3 of my favorites ever attended.

    But what if the Detroit concert is not as good? What if, I just got lucky, and Toronto was just a ‘good night?’ I found out I was approved to review and cover at Little Caesar Arena a few days later. Obviously, I was excited to have a chance to see them live again AND catch a few good shots, but I have to say I was a little nervous in ruining those memories and just isn’t going to be as good. Well, I was totally wrong!  In a fully packed arena, where 45-year-olds were just as excited as the 16-year-olds, MCR proved they had as much entertaining strength and vitality as they had touring back in the day. With a totally different playlist (literally changing the playlist every single show!) Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray entertained us bringing us back to our youngest ‘Emo’ years. And if you are wondering, even though changing their playlist every night, they always played ‘Black Parade.’ No matter when played during the set, this song brings full on sparkle in people’s eyes.

    I don’t want to get too political here, but the world has changed since the band’s breakup in 2013, and I definitely think the world still needs more of their music, more of My Chemical Romance!

    Most of the shows have already Sold Out, but if you don’t have your tickets already, some add-ons are now available in September and October. Don’t miss your chance! For more
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    MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE – Reunion Tour 13th September 2022, Little Caesar Arena, Detroit, Michigan (USA).

    After a 'Reunion Show in December 2019' sold out in 4 minutes, My Chemical Romance realized their fans were still waiting for them. Seven...

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