FRANKIE AND THE WITCH FINGERS | Live Review 18th May 2022, Hare And Hounds, Birmingham (UK).

    Review By James Gardener Picture Credit - Indie Images (Full Gallery Below).

    On Wednesday 18th May 2022, This is the day TMRW and Kaleidoscope brought FRANKIE AND THE WITCH FINGERS to Birmingham’s Hare and Hounds (UK).

    Opening up the show are Dimes, a Birmingham based four piece. What we know about them already is, they hate the Tories; refreshing for Birmingham to have a working-class voice amongst the drivel of bands pretending to be so, whilst having the opportunities and contacts money does buy. I am not sure of the exact year, but a rule came into force in the UK meaning an employer couldn’t give a ‘bad’ Job reference, perhaps it was deemed too harsh, harmful, or unfair. So instead, employers would just confirm the dates you worked. With that in mind Dimes played the  Birmingham Hare and Hounds on 18th May 2022. It was a Wednesday.

    Frankie And The Witch Fingers take to the stage to a warm reception from the expectant crowd. The Los Angeles based band are known for their high-octane live performance, launching straight into Empire they set the tone for the night. It is a show of high energy and procession. Tonight, the band are more garage soul than garage pysch, thanks to the groove stemming from the drums of Jon Modaff and Nikki Pickle (Death Valley Girls) on bass. Providing the perfect back drop for the sleaze and fuzz of guitars and vocals. Lead singer Dylan Sizemore looks like his childhood featured Ritalin for breakfast and being picked last in gym. His demeanour is one of restlessness desperate to get the songs out of his twitching and agitated body, constantly stretching rather than leaning into the mic stand. The band give it everything and the Birmingham crowd tonight show their appreciation at every turn. The garage punk/psych band are raucous and whilst their records show off that a little, its playing live you really get the full flavour of what they are about. Big hitters, tracks such as Dracula Drug and Cocaine Dream are full on unhinged energy, mirrored by the audience, who sing to every word then jumping with every guitar riff. As the band finish, we watch people exit the venue the cool night air refreshing and welcome, their bodies still dripping with sweat. Some beer in hand, talk passionately about what they witnessed, others clutch records and merch newly purchased, each and everyone happy. Frankie And The Witch Fingers couldn’t ask for more than that.


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