DOROTHY | Album Review ‘Gifts From The Holy Ghost’ Set To Drop Friday, April 22nd, 2022.

    Review By Heather Laing


    Gifts From The Holy Ghost – Via Spinefarm Records

    Release – 22nd April, 2022

    Tap your goth boots three times and say “there’s no place like the mosh pit” because Dorothy has called down her namesake tornado to whisk you away to the world of rock and roll. The singer may have ruby red lipstick instead of magical slippers, but rock band Dorothy has proven once again their talents are all they need to carry you off into another world. The rock and roll masters have let loose another incredible album titled Gifts from ‘The Holy Ghost,’ which will soon take pride of place alongside their two other albums, multiple singles, and two compilations from 2021. With this great history behind them, it is no wonder Dorothy has made quite a name for themselves in the alternative scene, with an incredibly large fanbase that have eagerly awaited their upcoming album. And like the title suggests, this album is truly a gift.

    This album is one born from triumph over hardships, with this very emotion embodied in each track. Each song is so unique in its own right in terms of style and theme, creating perhaps the most diverse of Dorothy’s works as it takes inspiration from each of their rock and roll influences. Each track was written in order to encompass lead vocalist Dorothy Martin’s own spiritual journey and how it has guided her through these hard times, something chosen by the artist in the hopes that listeners will feel alive and inspired by her work in order to face their own struggles in life.

    The album begins with the track Beautiful Life;, an apt name for this song as it is indeed an incredible rock and roll anthem filled with energy and power. The raw vocals combined with a wild guitar and drum mix have an electric feel will shake listeners to the core leaving them energised and ready for everything that life brings their way. Following tracks like Big Guns, Black Sheep (Released early on March 25th, 2022), and Touched By Fire continue this display power and raising strength within the listeners, as each contains a powerful tempo of drum and bass, combined with fiery electric guitar and incredible inspiring vocals. However, Dorothy didn’t stop there. Other tracks such as Close to Me Always are taken on a different spin, as the lyrics tell a mournful but beautiful tale of lost love and treasured memories. Coupled with a gentle tempo and smooth guitar, this track is a bold and beautiful track will move fans to tears of both sorrow and joy.

    With all of this and more to offer, Dorothy’s Gifts from The Holy Ghost is indeed an album that will surely bring nothing but joy to fans and new listeners alike. This artist is nothing sort of sensational, and any rock and roll fan can find something to enjoy within her work. If Dorothy set out to take us on a spiritual journey, then I think we can all say “we are glad to not be in Kansas anymore.”

    Gifts From The Holy Ghost Tracklisting:

    Beautiful life
    Big guns
    Rest in peace
    Top of the world
    Close to me always
    Black sheep
    Touched by fire
    Made to die
    Gifts from the holy ghost


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