Bobaflex with As Strange As Angels and Artifas at Trees

    Written by Melissa #MischievousMel Anderson – Pics by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

    If you live in Dallas you know that one of the best venues to see live music at is Trees. Keeping true to form, Trees hosted a show with headliners Bobaflex, the first ever full band performance of As Strange As Angels, and Artifas. In case you missed it, here is a quick flash back of the night.

    I will start with Artifas. This band was new to me and I left the set wowed, even taking that extra step of purchasing two of their CD’s. They were a powerhouse of vocals with a hard and heavy back line. I suggest you take a listen to this band and when they hit a stage near you, venture out and get rocked. 

    As Stranges As Angels is near and dear to my heart. I have been following the project since its conception when Norman Matthew, formerly of Murder FM, took a new direction in life, took some time away from touring, writing, and producing new music, and began his new venture to do his own music that reflected the changes he had made in his personal life. This new music, starting with the hit “Waves” released in August 2017, is a jouney into Normans current life and what he was going through in his personal life. He put it all to music, baring his heart and soul to the world. The result has been lyrics that speak to the heart and soul with guitar, bass, and drum lines that will rock the ears. His first performances were either small, solo acoustic shows or as a duo featuring female drummer Michelle Graves. Seeing her perform, she proves that yes, girls can rock. And yes, she is a force to be reckoned with. She also seemed to be some-what of a calming force to Norman, reminiding him that the project, the lyrics, and the band will resonate with people – and she was right. Norman was most nervous on this night because this would be the first time As Strange As Angels would be performing plugged in, as a full band in front of crowd after only a couple rehearsals. Guitarist CJ Pierce of Drowing Pool fame and bassist Nicholas Klinger completed the line-up for the evening – and I would have never known of their lack of rehearsal time if I wasn’t told. They were amazing. The band is already charting on Billboard and certainly has the base to grow a huge future. Check out our interview with Norman and Michelle coming soon.

    Headling the night was Bobaflex. Prior to the show we sat down with lead vocalist Marty McCoy. He told us about all the changes in the Bobaflex camp. They include the departure of Marty’s brother, now making Bobaflex a 4 piece, the future of Bobaflex that will include a name change, and new music in the works now. Do not fret Bobaflex fans… Marty promised that he would not let Bobaflex be tossed into the trash bin of former bans. He and the band are just in a time of change, and I promise you that they played their best show to date at Trees. In my opionion it is because they are re-energized, and re-focused with the new changes while still remaining true to their rock and roll music roots. Take a listen to hear what Marty had to say when we post the interview in a few days. Until then, enjoy the pics of all 3 bands below…

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