REVOLVERLUTION To Release Single ‘Set The Night On Fire’ June 3, 2020

    For Fans of bands like: D-A-D, The Wild, Hardcore Superstar, Backyard Babies, and the Hellacopters.

    Swedish hard rock band REVOLVERLUTION is back with their second single release, ‘Set The Night On Fire’. With this new release the band strategically picked the release date of June 3, 2020 to remind all rock n’ rollers that rock is alive and well in Sweden. This date is a musical shout out to all the fans who would have been celebrating the opening day of ‘Sweden Rock Festival,’ one of Sweden’s most loved music festivals that sadly could not go ahead for 2020 and has shifted their next dates to 2021 due to ‘COVID19’. The guys felt it was important to remind the music lovers that although gigs are rare at the moment, that music is alive and artists are ready to return for live gigs as soon as it’s time.

    We last left you at the beginning of REVOLVERLUTION’s own Cinderella story. It is story many musicians can personally relate to, being a part of a project where you have no voice or say in the creative process of the music you will be performing. Like many before them and many who will follow, they had built up such an electrified surge of creativity that they had no other choice but to move forward and do something new.

    With years of combined experience, Poffe, Filip and Micke where hungry to write something together, and out of that desire REVOLVERLUTION was born. With the mix of glam, modern and hard rock bands they have played in over the years; Dirty Passion, Sinthia Doll, Damien, Royal Acid Orchestra and Bai Bang plus their personal musical influences, they were ready to do things their own way without holding back.

    They are no longer standing in the shadows but grabbing their creative instincts by the throat to write music that is personal, powerful and a revolt to any who dare try to tame their hunger to make music that they want to make. Nobody puts REVOLVERLUTION in a corner!

    What started out as just a creative outlet, turned into a band without boundaries. Their first single came out of fun, curiosity, experimental exploration, and a bit frustration. They delivered their wild debut single in March 2020, ‘Going Out With A Bang’.  It is authentic, rowdy and a creative release of their pent-up aggression.

    The single was met with much surprise and welcome from hard rock music listeners worldwide. They have been described as returning to the old school Swedish rock sound of the late 90’s with comparisons to notable rockers THE HELLACOTERS, BACKYARD BABIES and MUSTASCH.

    Find Revolverlution Online:

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